While staying at The Bannister Hotel you will have a wide gastronomy selection from where to choose; from tapas to a gourmet dish, we are sure that will enjoy exquisite flavors and sensations. Start your day with a delicious breakfast or brunch at Le Deauville, conveniently located on the second level of the hotel properly end a day of pure fun, you have to stop by Café del Mar. Every night you will enjoy the captivating music in a pleasant ambiance.

Compass Rose Lounge

Compass Rose Lounge

Marina Puerto Bahia sits right in front of the Compass Rose Lounge, providing an amazing nautical scene. Start your adventure to the nearby beaches and nautical destinations with our fun cocktails.


Le Deauville

Located on the second level of The Bannister Hotel, Le Deauville Restaurant has a spectacular view of the Puerto Bahia Marina and the Samaná Bay in a boutique hotel setting. It has an exquisite menu of breakfast and brunch in a lovely atmosphere. If you want to sunbathe while enjoying Le Deauville, the pool is just steps away.


La Regata

Delight your palate at La Regata Restaurant, located just opposite the Marina Puerto Bahia. With a varied menu, this restaurant is noted for its wood oven from which come delicious creations.



Café del Mar Puerto Bahia is in a privileged location, combining the natural beauty with its chic architecture. Opened its doors in the winter of 2010, the first in America, providing a cozy and sophisticated environment all at once.


The Bannister Hotel at Puerto Bahia Located at
Carretera Snchez-Saman KM. 5, Saman, Dominican Republic.
Phone: +1 809-503-6363